Understanding More About Cabling For Unclogging Commercial Drains

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We’re sure you’ve encountered this scenario before: one moment a sink was working perfectly fine, and then it happens: it clogs, and gray water or even grease water is all over the place. Surely enough, there is an obstruction in the line, and unless you do something about it, your business is going to suffer because a clogged drain means your kitchen will not function properly, and productivity drops sharply.

This would be a good time to call Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services. After a thorough inspection, Brewer might use a technique called drain cabling to take care of the obstruction for you. A drain line can become backed up due to several reasons: roots may have impeded the line, the line may have already collapsed, the grading of the pipes is incorrect, and of course, there’s grease and other solid stuff blocking the line.

A drain cable tool can be inserted into any angle and point in a plumbing system and used to physically push and chip away at stubborn solid obstacles to remove the blockage from the line. A blade is inserted into the cabling tool and this will help remove the blockage from the pipe. What makes this technique great for businesses is unless there is a severe case of blockage, it will work perfectly, and you will save because there will be no additional expenses involved – just the drain cable tool itself and the skill of a professional plumber.

Truth be told, drain cabling should be scheduled the moment you see the signs of a possible blocked or partially blocked line. The signs are easy to spot: leaking where there shouldn’t be any water at all, appliances that suddenly overflow during normal operation, drains that barely move or don’t move at all, and drain that produce a loud gurgling sound and a really bad smell.

The smell usually comes from the deposit of solids in the line itself, plus sediments that are decaying as water continually passes through the blockage in the line. The longer you wait, the worse the smell becomes because there will be more gunk stuck in the line. Drain cabling will remove the blockage and cause water to move normally as usual. Regular drain cabling will mean your drain line will always remove water at a great speed, and odors will be virtually eliminated – unless another line is causing the smell.

In some situations, a cable drain tool may even be equipped with a camera so the professional plumber from Brewer can take a look at the actual blockage and not just ‘feel’ for it using the line. This will also ensure that the entire blockage is removed, and the problem is solved optimally so there will be no recurring problems after the plumber has left the building.

Do you think that any of your drain lines are backed up, even partially?

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