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Commercial Hydro Jetting: Eliminating Garbage in Pipes

Commercial hydro jetting is a fast growing industry with a wide range of applications. It can be used to clean out sewers, remove hard water deposits from piping, sanitize and protect equipment, and more. The first commercial use of this method was to remove grease from restaurant piping. Now, instead of just blasting away the greasy build up, commercial hydro jetting now uses special nozzles to blast away tree roots which have gotten into your underground pipes.

When you think about commercial hydro jetting as a way to remove grease and other clogs from your drains, it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular over the past few years. The pipes of a restaurant are very busy with a large number of people using them every single day. Every time a person stops and uses the restroom, another person is using the sink and the dishwasher. If you have a large clog in one of these pipes, you are not only slowing down the flow of food and beverages to and from the restaurant, but you are also causing a safety hazard in which a service employee may trip and fall. If a drain becomes clogged, the only person who can safely remove it is someone who has access to the correct valve.

In order to eliminate this problem, commercial hydro jetting has now been added to the menu of many plumbing services. This process consists of a large water pressure tank holding a collection container for grease and other debris, a nozzle which dispenses pressurized water, and drain cleaning brushes. This system is extremely effective at removing grease buildup, but the most commonly asked question is, “What if there is no grease?” When this happens, a business owner may have to look into purchasing a plumbing drain cleaner in order to remove any standing water in the pipes. Many sewer cleaners also include a method of ground or surface flushing.

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