The Importance of Proper Drinking Fountain Installation & Maintenance

Drinking Fountain Installation

If your business has a water fountain or if you are thinking of having a water fountain professionally installed by a licensed and bonded commercial plumbing services company, you have to be aware of the factors that affect the quality of a water fountain after installation. Below are some guidelines and straight facts on water fountain installation that every business owner should know.

#1 – Proximity – The water fountain should be installed as closely as possible to the nearest clean water pipe. Wall fountains would have to be installed on a sturdy wall, with the proper brackets and supports.

Free-standing water fountains requires the installation of properly sized fittings, especially if the free-standing fountain is a little while off from the nearest clean water pipe.

#2 – Completeness – Modern water fountains have dozens of parts. A professional, commercial plumbing services company will specialize in making sense of all the parts of your new water fountain so that no part goes unused, which can lead to problems later on with this new plumbing installation.

#3 – Chiller Unit – Modern water fountains also have built-in chiller units that have to be installed separately. This is the tricky part, because the chiller unit needs to be connected properly if you want to use the fountain with zero leaks and issues.

Leaks with drinking water can cause problems for it users, and issues of potential contamination from the environment also abound if there are loose fittings and connections. It would really be best to leave water fountain installation to the professionals.

#4 – Flushing the Unit – As with every clean water unit that dispenses drinking water, all it components and plumbing have to be flushed thoroughly before use. The flushing process is not instant, as with each flush the entire system has to be observed for any strange smells, leaks, and other signs of potential problems.

#5 – Stability – Water fountains tend to be heavy because they have mostly stainless steel parts. Wall-mounted units need to be securely bolted to the wall, and additional reinforcement can be added if the current restraints appear to be weakening even before the unit is used.

The use of longer and larger bolts for screwing is recommended. A licensed plumber should know how to properly secure a wall-mounted fountain without damaging any of its parts.

#6 – Support Filters – Water filters that clean the water of impurities and also help soften the water if your area has hard water is also essential for your new water fountain. Calcium scales and blockages can occur easily due to hard water, and softening is necessary if you don’t want your water fountain to break earlier than expected. With the right type of filter, a water filter’s inner piping system can remain intact and flowing at full power for many, many years.

Also ask your commercial plumbing company about the possibility of adding a system-wide filter to your place of business. A system-wide filter is a large filtering system that will clean not just one line but all the water flowing into a structure. Call Brewer Commercial Services today to schedule your consultation: 602.789.8858