Installing An Effective Water Filtration System For A Business

If you are a business owner, installing an effective water filtration system for your business is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

And we’re not just talking about routing clean water through your piping system. What you should really be thinking about is how much you will be saving in plumbing costs in a few years’ time, when your piping, heating system and other equipment are still in pristine condition because they didn’t have to deal with the gunk and other deposits that are so common with municipal water systems.

Let’s face it – many cities have very old water systems and that includes old pipes installed deep into the soil. It’s expensive to replace all of these piping systems even if the technology to replace them has been around for decades, so they are left on their own – until a pipe breaks and emergency repairs are performed.

There are three kinds of commercial water filtration systems, each with its own set of benefits. The first one is activated carbon.

Activated carbon filters are the most popular and also usually the least expensive type of commercial water filter. Activated carbon filters can easily remove parasitic bacteria and certain chemicals from the water, rendering the water potable and safe to drink.

The second type of system is the cation filtration system.  What cation filtration systems do at the very basic level is they remove the hardness of water (therefore, these filters soften the water).

Elements such as calcium and barium are removed completely or reduced, making the water more potable and safer for the water. Highly mineralized water has been known to affect the body negatively, so if you run a restaurant and you use water from the tap to prepare food, you definitely need this type of water treatment.

The third type of filtration system is reverse osmosis. The basic design of reverse osmosis filters has been the same for years.

Pressure pushes the water through a special, semi-permeable membrane the membrane doesn’t let chemicals, bacteria and other particles through. What survives to the other side (the filtered side) is clean, potable water.

Now, technology for purifying and softening water has advanced in leaps and bounds through the years and there are now many multi-stage systems available for commercial use.

Multi-stage systems combine three or more types of water purification to produce clean, potable water. These larger commercial filtration systems are a good choice for larger businesses that have constant demand for clean, drinkable water, like hotels, motels, etc.

Here at Brewer Commercial Services have spent many years perfecting our system for installing, inspecting, repairing and maintaining all kinds of commercial water filtration systems.

We use top of the line detection equipment, tools and our plumbers are all adept in their fields. We also operate past business hours, because we know how it is – repairs are usually made after business hours.

So give us a call any time of the day for emergency repairs and don’t forget to consult with us about installing a brand new commercial water filtration system for your business. Because the cost of one will pay for itself naturally after installation, guaranteed: 602-789-8858