Backflow Device Repair

Brewer Commercial Services is state certified for all your backflow prevention testing needs. Backflow, a reversal in the flow of water in a plumbing system, is a fairly common problem caused by backpressure. Since backflow can contaminate both your water supply and the main water line, some homeowners and all businesses are required to have their backflow prevention devices tested once yearly and their results sent to the county.

Backflow prevention

A backflow prevention assembly is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In water supply systems for business big and small, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap. When pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system, then such reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the ground, storage or from other sources to be drawn up into the system.

A failure of a backflow device could result in penalties from the governing municipality. Regular testing and reporting of every device is typical to control cross connection compliance.

So whether your backflow testing needs are commercial or industrial, we can help. We offer yearly certification inspections, installation of new backflow prevention devices and repair services for existing backflow devices.

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