Brewer Commercial Services -Video Channel

Hydro Jetting Sewer Runs

Before and after video of a sewer run having a scheduled hydro-jetting service performed. BCS recommends this as regular plumbing maintenance item for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping centers, and food processors to prevent clogs.

Clearing Plumbing Clogs

Our hydro-jets are capable of moving 18 gallons of water per minute @ 4000 psi. They are not only very efficient at cleaning sewer runs but clearing major drain clogs and blockages as well.

In Line Camera Inspection

Check this video out of an in-line camera inspection. A camera is ran through 80′ of sewer pipes checking to ensure pipes are clear from grease, damage and debris.

Dual Tankless Water Heater Install

A dual tankless water heater installed at a Peter Piper Pizza. The techs installed the units above a platform six feet above the ground. The total install includes, hanging the units, installing the new water lines and gas lines. Also running new vent pipe. Total job time, 6 hours.