What Is Back Flow Testing?

Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right. Fortunately, this country has a good system for ensuring this. Our municipal water lines have clean and potable water flowing under pressure through them. This water is fed into homes and businesses for drinking and other uses.

Is it possible for our drinking water to be contaminated? Unfortunately, yes, but measures are in place to prevent backwater from coming out of our tap. When we say “backwater,” we refer to the flow of dirty water reversing through the clean water lines. Backwater can be contaminated with anything from feces to chemicals and other hazardous materials that can make us very sick. It typically occurs at cross-connections between clean and dirty water in any water system.

As mentioned, we have to ensure that we always have clean water flowing from our faucets. For this reason, the installation of a back flow prevention tool at every cross-connection point in your plumbing system is required by most municipal codes. The kind of device to use depends on the degree of hazard present in the property.

To prevent the back flow of dirty water, a prevention device must be installed and maintained properly. It normally comprises a pair of mechanical check valves that stop dirty water from reversing into the clean water supply when an unexpected or drastic change in water pressure occurs. This keeps drinking water from being contaminated.

To remain compliant with local code, back flow testing must be carried out yearly. First-time property owners may not be aware of the regulations regarding residential or business water systems and ask, “What is back flow testing?” It is basically the inspection of back flow valves to ensure that they are intact and operating properly.

So, what is back flow testing? It is a requirement for ensuring that water flowing out of the tap is safe to drink. If you as a property owners fail to do this, your water supply may be interrupted. If you’re a business owner, then you may even be fined if you don’t get it done in time.

Brewer Commercial Services can perform the annually required back flow testing for you. We also do repairs, installation, and back flow certification of different types of prevention devices. The technician we send you will take care of all the necessary paperwork related to the inspection. We will also remind you when you’re due for another testing.

A Brewer Commercial Services back flow expert can also inspect your plumbing system to see if your property is set up with the proper back flow prevention devices.

It behooves you to remain in good standing with the local water authority, so call us for any of the services we offer that can guarantee you safe, clean water as well as compliance with code.

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