When To Use An Emergency Plumbing Service

Dealing with plumbing issues is probably one of the most stressful things you will encounter at home or business. Brewer Commercial Services offers 24/7 emergency repair services for a variety of needs and scales of need. No matter how big or small the problem is, Brewer will be able to respond.

Brewer Commercial Services Managing Odors

Unlike electrical problems that can be solved by simply switching off the main switch or breaker, plumbing problems can affect the quality of your building quickly and if things go south, you will have to deal a variety of after-effects such as a flooded kitchen, bathrooms, moldy walls, etc. Let’s talk about a few scenarios where calling for emergency plumbing repair is 100% recommended.

The most common problem is leaks. If your plumbing system is above ground or highly accessible, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can even perform a temporary fix on your plumbing while waiting for emergency repair to arrive. However, if your piping system is concealed behind walls or underground, it is going to be much tougher to “DIY” your problem away.

This is where Brewer Commercial Services comes in to help. BCS can and will locate concealed leaks whether they are behind walls, under concrete slabs, in your basement, irrigation system, etc. The key to successfully finding leaks is combining conventional tracing methods with high tech gadgets that track water from the source. BCS also has a variety of tests (including pressure and smoke tests) to find out where leaks are coming from.

Another scenario that requires emergency repair are blocked pipes. Blockages can occur anywhere in your business. Water tank piping, toilet/sewage pipes, the kitchen sink. Problems in design can also cause problems over time. When blockages occur it’s possible for clean water to stop completely or if it’s drainage line that’s problematic, water can begin seeping everywhere. Trust us – seeping water can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked, with molds and mildew just being two of the problems they pose.

When you call for emergency repair you can also ask our plumber/s to make improvements to your current plumbing system. Small leaks, faulty piping, broken faucets – these can all be easily dealt with, just say the word. It’s important to lay down what you need done over the phone so Brewer Commercial Services can bring all the equipment and materials needed.

Now if you’re thinking: why are we offering 24 hours service to clients? The fact of the matter is that plumbing problems can occur after normal business hours or in many cases, people only notice plumbing problems when they are at home or when they’re not busy with something else. This is especially true for businesses which close for specific hours.

Call us today at (602)-789-8858 to for emergency repairs. We will easily respond to the most common plumbing emergencies and we can assure you great work in a short amount of time.