3 Most Common Plumbing & Maintenance Jobs for Restaurants

Owning a restaurant is a good idea in that people will always look for a place to eat or meet. However, it comes with its challenges. The most common challenges that many restaurant owners face are plumbing repairs and maintenance. In most cases, the following three plumbing repairs are most common. First and foremost is sink repair, secondly, urinal repair and thirdly, grease trap cleaning and repair.

Restaurant Common Plumbing Repairs

When these plumbing problems are not regularly checked, they can lead to more problems. To begin with, they not only damage the plumbing, but also the walls and the floor of the restaurant. To avoid any problems, ensure that there are regular plumbing and maintenance.

Urinal Repair

A restaurant receives lots of customers per day and they use the different amenities in your restaurant. Even with the most careful use of the urinal, they wear and tear faster than most amenities in the restaurant. In addition to that, the acids and minerals that are found in the urine contribute to wearing out the surfacing. Therefore, it is essential to replace parts as needed, as to avoid hanging the closed sign on the door of the bathroom.

Sink Repair

Many customers eat at the restaurant and therefore a lot of food has to be cooked. And if you are using high amounts of fats and grease, then your sink is likely to get clogged. After customers have eaten, the dishes are hurried to the kitchen sink for washing. In many cases, the fatty remains have the potential of building up in the sink pipes. If the sink is left untouched, it will clog and start overflowing which will lead to damage in your restaurant.

Grease Trap Repair

In most cases, when the dishes are washed, the grease and fats are drained into the grease tray which leads to clogging. The process might seem simple but the truth is that if the grease tray is not working or not properly cleaned, it can lead to serious problems. The grease trap is designed to trap the fats and greases from the sink before it reaches the sewage system. If the grease trap is not properly cleaned, it can lead to the clogging of the kitchen sink. For this reason, you should have it properly cleaned often.


As a restaurant, the last thing that should worry you is the plumbing and maintenance works. Regular plumbing and maintenance repairs are necessary in order to keep your sinks, grease trap and urinal working properly. The truth is that when your plumbing repairs are taken care of, you will have peace of mind to run your restaurant smoothly.

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