Drain Cleaning – Main Line Cabling

Brewer Commercial Services can unclog all drains!

Have you ever considered how many different drains you have at your business? There are kitchen, bathroom sink, tub and shower drains…toilet drains…floor drains…even downspout drains! And let’s not forget the biggest drain in your business…your main sewer line!

Brewer Commercial Services technicians have the training needed to cut through the clog and remove all debris in your drain…clear the drain and cleanse the pipe so the drain will work like new…we will use the right equipment to perform the work required. We can also search your pipes using a fiber optic video inspection camera to locate items that may be causing the obstruction and then successfully retrieve it.

Blocked sink drains are the most common services calls plumbers make. Unlike tubs or showers, sinks can not be snaked from above. Sink openings are designed to prevent objects from getting into the pipes. Even if the cable fits the drain traps will make it difficult get the snake through

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