4 Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems are the worst. And if you think these issues are problematic at home, just think of the trouble that commercial business owners face when their plumbing are having problems. Here are the four most common commercial plumbing issues that Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services can help resolve for businesses.

Leaky Faucet, Brewer Commercial Services

#1 – Water wastage due to leaking faucets

This is an extremely common problem that some business owners fail to address quickly because they think that water drops are a minor thing. However, if you measure the amount of actual water being wasted on a yearly basis then you will have a much better idea also of how leaky faucets can impact the profitability of a business.

Why do leaky faucets happen? More often than not, it’s due to two reasons: improper installation or worn gaskets.  With improper installation, the previous plumbing service may have used a faucet that is incompatible with the thread of the pipe. As for cases of worn gaskets some faucet’s gaskets are easily worn out (this is to be expected in commercial establishments). Leaky faucets should be replaced immediately as the business would spend mg ch more in the long term for wasted water compared to the cost of repair and replacement.

 #2 – Silent leaks

What is a silent leak? A silent leak is a leak within a plumbing system that isn’t visible but continues to throw or waste water anyway. Remember: plumbing isn’t one waterproof system at all. Pipes are connected to one another at joints and at any point in time, the seals on these joints can malfunction cause silent leaks.

Old structures with equally old plumbing are more likely to suffer from silent leaks. If your business happens to be in a building that is more than five years old, Brewer Commercial Services can help test your entire plumbing system to see if you have a case of silent leaks. Who knows? You might be able to control your water expense after a simple repair job.

#3 – Clogged drains and backed-up toilet 

Nothing could be more frustrating than finding a clogged sink in the kitchen or a backed-up toilet that won’t let up, even with a plunger. In a commercial establishment such a restaurant, a clogged sink can easily reduce efficiency and productivity in the kitchen. Every preparation requires water one way or another, and a sink that won’t cooperate can back up your food line faster than you can say “there’s a clog.”

As for backed-up toilets, that’s bad news however you look at it. A clogged toilet is the most unhygienic thing ever and people are going to remember that most about your business when they do use the restroom. In the event that water doesn’t flow through a toilet even after a plunger is used, then the problem might be more severe and the system has to be opened for more extensive repair work.

#4 – Plumbing odors 

Trust us, you do not want to put up with plumbing odors of any kind. Plumbing odors usually come from the septic tank or gray water channel and smells from these places are anything but agreeable. The usual problem are either wrongly installed piping or dry water traps.

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