A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring the Right Commercial Plumber

Hiring the right commercial plumber is essential to keeping your business profitable and your plumbing working in great condition. Broken plumbing can shave off your profit and can even render your business paralyzed because physical spaces can easily suffer from leaks and bad odors, causing customer dissatisfaction.

Why suffer from the effects of bad plumbing setups when you can hire a commercial plumbing service like Brewer to take care of your business? Here’s a step by step guide for finding the perfect commercial plumber.

#1 – Ask What Type of Plumbing Services Are Being Offered

If you run a business, you need the help of a commercial plumbing company like Brewer. Commercial plumbing companies have highly trained, professional plumbers who are well-acquainted with the plumbing orientations of restaurants and other businesses that require more than just regular residential plumbing.

While it’s true that plumbers obtain the same licenses, you are really after the expertise of those who have worked extensively with commercial plumbing problems. Commercial plumbing companies also have the right insurance, which ensures that customers would have no problems in the event of worker accidents or mishaps on the project site.

#2 – Ask About Resources and Expertise

This is terribly important when hiring commercial plumbers. Some companies may have the people to do it, but may not have the necessary equipment to perform adequate testing and repairs.

Companies like Brewer Commercial Plumbing have both. Brewer has a long-established history of serving Phoenix and surrounding areas, and specializes in all sorts of plumbing activities like backflow installation, backflow testing, ball valves, boiler installation, inspection, and repair, cabling/testing, confined space entry, general construction, drinking fountains, and more.

As you can see, almost anything you need done can be handled by the right commercial plumbing company with zero problems. Brewer can also handle video inspection situations, video locating, water heater installation, and even oil trap repair.

No matter how large the job is, it shouldn’t be a problem for a commercial plumbing company because that’s precisely what they are for – for much larger jobs that go beyond what regular residential plumbers perform.

#3 – Ask About Their Availability 

Reliable commercial plumbing companies can actually respond to any call for an inspection or emergency repair at any time of the day. Why? Because companies like Brewer know that time is of the essence, and large-scale repairs (especially those done indoors) cannot be done during business hours as the activity might affect productivity or accessibility to eh premises.

Therefore, commercial plumbers are used to working after business hours, or even at night, if the situation calls for it. All you need to do is call Brewer at the exact time that you have spotted the plumbing issue and Brewer will send its professional, licensed commercial plumbers to your business to check for issues.

Whether it’s a backed up toilet or grease trap, a commercial plumbing service can bring immense value and relief to your business – you just need to give us a call. Book an appointment with Brewer today and let us take care of the rest for you: 602.789.8858