Commercial Plumbing Backflow Installation, Repair & Testing Services

Backflow prevention devices are required by many municipal city codes. Simply put, backflow preventers are devices that prevent the reverse flow (or backflow) at cross-connection points of plumbing lines. These setups are important at apartments, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. The type of preventer required varies based on the amount of risk or hazard at the business location. Backflow installations and proper maintenance keeps the commercial facility compliant and up to code.

Plumbing Paperwork

Most backflows can occur do to an unexpected or drastic change in water pressure. If properly installed and then maintained, backflow prevention devices prevent dirty water from getting into clean water lines, causing cross-contamination. Valves must be inspected annually to make sure they’re functioning properly, and are in compliance with your particular city’s municipal codes.

Here at Brewer Commercial Services, we’re state certified to take care of all your backflow prevention testing and repair needs. Backflow is a common plumbing problem, which means the city is very strict about enforcing installations and annual maintenance to confirm proper functioning equipment. Results are sent to the country to confirm the results of tested devices.

The backflow prevention assembly protects the clean water supply becoming contaminated. Governing municipal agencies typically enforce strict penalties for backflow devices that aren’t tested regularly. For this service, we offer yearly backflow testing for commercial and industrial needs. We’re here to help. Testing of each device is completed, with repairs or new installations recommended based on current equipment. Inspections are certified, and paperwork is included.

A failed building inspection can cost you a lot more than the cost of simply getting the proper backflow prevention device installed and tested regularly. Our technicians are trained in-house, using the latest plumbing equipment and technology. Our fleet prides itself on providing top-notch service and repairs on each and every visit. We’ll be happy to assess your needs to provide a solution that fits for your unique situation.

Safety is of the utmost importance when working on the job. It’s the welfare of our clients, employees, and their families that drives our commitment to a safe, healthy, drug-free work environment. We conduct weekly training classes to ensure complete compliance with OSHA regulations.

Brewer Commercial Services also offers many other types of common plumbing repairs and installations, including re-pipes, improvements, new constructions, and cabling. Give us a call today at (602) 789-8858, or use our Contact Us page to send us a service email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and look forward to earning your business.