Common Sewer Drain Challenges & What To Do About Them

You’ve had it happen to you before, haven’t you? You walk inside of a business and think, “what is that smell?” Certainly, as the business owner, this is something that you never want to have happen. It can drive customers away in a heartbeat. More often than not these types of smells from the bathroom have to do with your sewage drains, and the issues that arise with them. Bathrooms play an important role within your business, and should be performing at optimal levels day in and day out.

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One of the most common issues we find with drains is a simple buildup happening that causes backups and even damaged pipes. This buildup comes in the form of debris that’s been flushed down the toilet, dirt accumulation, and even mineral deposits. Over time, the debris that gets flushed down the toilet can add up and have a compounding, negative effect. Once it accumulates, you’ll start dealing with slow or partial draining from blockages, or even breaks in a line if the problem is severe enough. It’s important to clear this often through service or preventative monthly maintenance.

Another common challenge we have with all pipes is ground settling. When this occurs, the ground compacts at uneven levels, causing pipes to offset. This can cause collapses and leaking joints. For these types of issues, repairs are needed quickly to ensure the leaks don’t get any worse. Joints are easily replaced, and the area can be secured with certain treatments to help alleviate settling in the future. Beyond leaks and pipe issues, backed up sewage drains are very easy to diagnose. If you have gross smells wafting up from the sink drains, floor drains, or toilets, these issues need repairs as soon as possible. Gurgling drains can also be a symptom of negatively affected water flow.

Here at Brewer Commercial Services, our commercial plumbing technician experts are trained with the latest equipment and technology. If you’ve tried in vain to unclog your drains at your business and you’re still having issues, it’s worth giving us a call to come out and check on the challenges you’re having. No one wants to deal with backed up or leaky pipes. It takes money out of your pocket in the form of lost customers and sales. The good news is we can fix most issues on the first visit.

To make an appointment to have a technician come out to your business, please give us a call now at 602.789.8858. We recommend businesses schedule a monthly maintenance visit to keep up on your plumbing and drain health more consistently, too. Costly repairs are much more common when drains aren’t properly cared for. We look forward to earning your business and working together for years to come. Thank you.