Confined Space Entry Commercial Plumbing Services in Arizona

Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services specializes in responding to all plumbing emergencies of commercial properties, and they can also help solve plumbing issues that involve confined space entry.

Confined Space Commercial Plumbing

Confined space entry can be dangerous and it is naturally difficult to perform plumbing if the space for the plumber himself is highly limited. It is fortunate that Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services is equipped with the right professional plumbers and tools to handle this type of job with efficiency and expertise.

Some examples of areas that usually require confined space entry are boilers, fluid storage tanks, grease traps, and underground vaults for pumps and other equipment. While there are some significant risks and dangers that come with confined space entry, the professional plumbers at Brewer have the necessary training and skills to reduce these risks to a minimum while performing their best at the job. This is accomplished by following a strict set of rules during confined space entry, especially if they have to go into manholes, sewers, pits, sump areas, and storage tanks.

How do you know that an area is a confined space? There are several characteristics to look for:

  1. The space was not primarily designed to be occupied by a person for any period of time.
  2. The entrance or exit of the space is highly restricted and poses significant problems should something go wrong and a person has to go out immediately.
  3. Present risks or outright danger to people through its construction, general atmosphere, the presence of specific dangerous substances or materials, etc. Mechanical hazards and chemical hazards are also included in the list of what makes confined space entry generally dangerous for people.

Examples of spaces where non-professionals should not attempt to enter are tunnels, wells, manholes, subcellars, ship holds, cold storages, tanks, culverts, and open ditches. While some of these can have more than enough space for one person to move about, that doesn’t mean that it is safe to go in. Always leave the entering and subsequent plumbing and inspection to professionals, like the ones working at Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services.

Why can it be dangerous when a person enters a confined space? Here are some of the possible reasons:

  1. The quality of the air circulating in the space may be poor, and thus, respiration may be impeded or may even be downright dangerous to human health.
  2. There may be asphyxiants present. Asphyxiants are particles or chemicals that may cause respiratory distress and even outright suffocation. In enclosed areas with no natural circulation, the air concentration of asphyxiants can be so high that they can completely replaced oxygen in the air. Breathable oxygen in the air only comprises 21% of the total gas we inhale, so you can imagine why it’s easy to replace this concentration with particulates or another gas altogether.
  3. Chemical exposure (breathing, skin contact, contact to eyes and other orifices) can cause short and long term health problems. Inhalation of chemically loaded or poisoned air can caused a person to expire while in the space, or at least, trigger a serious medical emergency.

If you are a business owner and would like to start fixing plumbing issues that involve confined and potentially dangerous spaces, call Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services today and have a professional take a look at it.

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