How Backflow Device Repair Can Protect Your Family’s Wellbeing

It is often easy to overlook the things that you enjoy on a daily basis. Take potable water, for example. In the past, access to clean water was limited. To date, there are still countries in different parts of the globe where clean water is considered a prized commodity.

Due to advances in technology, today’s households can enjoy clean water, even straight out of the tap. One of the devices used by plumbers to ensure that the water in a household is kept clean and free from harmful contaminants is the backflow device or reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve.

An RPZ valve is installed in homes and buildings which are equipped with irrigation or fire suppression systems or boilers. In the absence of a backflow device, fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals used in lawns can find their way into the same water supply used by the members of a household. For structures that use boilers or fire suppression systems, an RPZ valve can help curb the build-up of harmful microorganisms and minerals in the plumbing system.

Ensuring the optimal performance of your home’s RPZ valve will allow you to prevent these issues. But when should backflow device repair be considered an immediate concern?

The water delivered to homes has a specific amount of pressure. When this pressure drops beyond an acceptable level, other liquids can find their way into the local water supply. There have been numerous documented cases wherein liquids like wine and gasoline have entered the water mains, sometimes resulting in disastrous consequences.

Another backflow device issue to watch out for is siphoning. Siphoning happens when the pressure of the water system in a home or building drops suddenly. In turn, this creates a vacuum wherein other liquids are sucked into the pipes.

If you have garden sprinklers installed on your property, it is imperative to have a backflow device installed and to make sure that it is functioning properly. In the absence of an RPZ valve, or if the one you have installed is damaged or faulty, the chemicals you use on your lawn can make their way to the same water that you use inside your home and can poison your loved ones.

If you own a business which is involved in the handling and storage of chemicals, it is a prudent measure to have a backflow device installed within your facilities. Otherwise, these chemicals can eventually end up in the local water supply, and cause harm to all who use it.