How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

If you’ve been considering hydro jetting for your sewer system, you’re probably wondering how this process works. It works by removing blockages and other debris with high-pressure water, and it is far less intense than snakes. Unlike pressure washing, hydro jetting is a safe alternative for older pipes. In fact, it costs less than pressure washing. Here are a few reasons why hydro jetting might be the right solution for your needs.

High-pressure water removes blockages

A hydro-jet works by shooting water at high-pressure through a hose to clear clogs. High-pressure water has multiple benefits and is a great way to clear blockages and prevent future problems. High-pressure water has the added benefit of ensuring that blockages are removed for good. In addition to clearing blockages, hydro-jetting is also an effective way to remove grease and other material buildup from kitchen pipes.

When hydro jetting is performed, commercial plumbers insert a high-pressure water hose into the pipeline. The hose is attached to a water tank that produces pressurized water. The high-pressured water cleans the inner walls of pipes. While hydro-jetting cannot remove build-up on the inside walls of pipes, the high-pressured water will safely remove the buildup and flush it out of the home plumbing system.

It is less intense than snakes

A plumber might recommend plumbing snaking if a clog is soft and easy to clear. But if a pipe is more stubborn, hydro jetting might be a better option. Hydro jetting is a high-pressure water system that blasts through clogs with extreme force. Because it uses high pressure, hydro jetting is generally used as a reactive service rather than a proactive one.

Hydro jetting uses specialized tools to force highly pressurized water through your pipes. These tools can remove problematic buildup in your pipes, ranging from random debris to large tree roots. Its higher pressure allows it to penetrate deeply and blast away the sludge that covers your pipes. Compared to snakes, hydro jetting is less intense, but still effective. This technology is becoming an industry standard for drain cleaning because it is less invasive than snakes.

It is safer for older pipes

Unlike snakes, which use high pressure to scour pipes, hydro jetting uses low pressure to clear clogs. Older pipes are prone to breakage if too much pressure is used. The method also requires a few hours to complete. The length of the cleaning process depends on the location and size of the blockage, as well as the condition of the pipes. Depending on these factors, hydro jetting is a safer option for older pipes.

Before performing hydro jetting on your old pipes, sewer repair contractors will conduct a CCTV video inspection. Older pipes are more susceptible to breaking under high pressure water, and contractors will check to make sure that the drainage pipe has not collapsed. If this is the case, hydro jetting will not help and the pipe will need to be replaced instead. Fortunately, hydro jetting is an eco-friendly solution, and is safer for older pipes.

It is less expensive than pressure washing

While pressure washing may cost a lot more, hydro jetting is significantly less expensive. This type of cleaning uses highly pressurized water to clear clogged pipes. The process removes large amounts of debris and buildup that clog drains. While conventional snaking may clean the pipes of debris and blockages, it doesn’t remove everything. This is why hydro jetting is often preferred for larger commercial plumbing systems.

One major benefit of hydro jetting is its cost effectiveness. Hydro jetting is cheaper than pressure washing because it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional pressure washing methods, hydro jetting won’t damage your plumbing system or cause any further problems. Additionally, you’ll be able to use your faucets as usual and still have access to fixtures while the cleaning process is going on. Hydro jetting can save you money in the long run by preventing expensive repairs down the road.

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