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How to Install a Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant is a public water supply that supplies a strong stream of water. The pressure of the water varies widely depending on the size and location of the water main. Fire hydrants can be connected to a fire engine to increase the pressure or split it into multiple streams, depending on the type of hose connection. Fire hydrants have three types of hose connections: threaded, instantaneous “quick connector,” and Storz connectors.

Fire hydrants are located at locations that are within 250 feet of a building’s front entrance. The distance from the hydrant to the front entrance is marked on the plans by scaled radius circles. To ensure a successful installation, a fire hydrant installation expert like Brewer Commercial Services can help you. The following is a basic overview of fire hydrant installation.

A fire hydrant is an important safety feature in new construction. It is required that all dwellings in the jurisdiction have an approved fire hydrant. The hydrant must be at least 800 feet from the water main or structure. The Fire Chief will determine if the location is within the required distance. A hydrant is often necessary for new construction, but a temporary installation only requires DEP approval.

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