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How to Install Plumbing For a Urinal

Before attempting to install a urinal, it is important to understand how the toilet drains work. A urinal has a small channel that is approximately 18 inches in length and a height of 11 inches for incapacitated people. The rater must be installed flush to the wall and the backslash must be impenetrable to water and pee. Unlike other urinals, which usually have a central point and are centered in the wall, a private home urination system is built with a laser-centered point in the channel, so that the pee and water go where they should.

To install a urinal, you first need to mount it on a wall. You can do this by using the metal ring and mounting screws that come with the urinal. Next, you must install the drain. After installing the drain, you must remove the nut and replace it with a metal one. Be sure that the drain is secured tightly into place with a nut.

Once you have purchased your urinal, you need to attach the supply line to it. Next, you need to attach the drain to the urinal. Make sure that you put in a shut-off valve so that you can turn off the water to prevent a leak. Then, install the urethane hangers, which hold the porcelain in place. You can buy a kit that includes all the nails and screws you need to install the urinal. Once you’ve completed this step, make sure that you use a leveling tool to check that the hungers are level.

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