In-line Camera Inspection for Diagnosing Plumbing Issues

One of the main problems when it comes to diagnosing plumbing issues is that your pipe network is largely unknown. Most of the pipes in a house or business are usually concealed behind walls and sometimes in ceilings. Therefore, blockages and leaks could be occurring from any part of the system. However, an in-line camera system helps to overcome all those challenges. You might be wondering how it is possible to view the interior of pipes hidden behind walls. Well, technology has made things easier.

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How it Works

A camera system provides real-time visual inspection of hidden or concealed plumbing systems, to determine their condition. You might have noticed drops on the floor, wet soil above your sewer line, or even moisture on the floor. Without a dedicated camera inspections, it is almost impossible to determine the actual source of the leak. However, an in-line inspection camera makes the entire procedure easy and fast.

It features a flexible fiber optic cable, which comes with an integrated high-resolution camera on the tip. This optic cable is then pushed through an opening in the pipe. As it moves through the pipe, the waterproof camera on the tip records its findings. The video footage is then relayed to a camera operator or specialist, who will then analyze it and diagnose the problem. The video footage can be saved for future reference, especially when there are recurring issues.

In-line camera inspection can be used to determine any form of pipe damage, blockages, or anything that might be inhibiting proper water flow. Once the problem has been fixed, the camera system can then be pushed down the pipes again, to determine whether the blockages have been completely removed. In short, the interior condition of the pipe cannot be determined, without using in-line camera inspection systems.

The Need for In-line Camera Inspection

How do you determine whether your home requires a camera inspection? Well, if you are experiencing recurrent plumbing issues, then you may need to consider a camera inspection. There are high chances that the plumber may be fixing the wrong problem. He might also be aggravating the situation, which could lead to further damages. A wide range of materials can block your sewer system, considering the amount of waste it transports from your business. Such material can lead to blockages, which will eventually escalate to leaks.

When damages or blocks are not repaired on time, they might damage the structure of your business. This is where a camera inspection system comes in. It is the only sure way of establishing the problems facing your plumbing system. If you are experiencing low water pressure, it might be due to cracks or blocked pipes. With a camera inspection system, a specialist will be able to determine the actual problems facing your system, without tearing the entire system down.

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Camera inspection eliminates all the guesswork when it comes to plumbing repairs. The flexible tube can travel around corners while providing a 360 degree view of the pipe’s interior. Apart from providing a high-resolution video, it can also determine the exact location of the problem.

If you are encountering any plumbing issues, and you can seem to pinpoint the exact problem, then a camera inspection can take the stress out of the equation. At Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services, we will locate any problem affect your system within minutes, and offer the most appropriate solution. Call us today and let’s arrange your first or next camera inspection.