Learning More About Commercial Plumbing Cabling Services

When it comes to commercial plumbing services, one of the most common treatments we utilize is called cabling. Also known as rooting, it’s a simple way to clear a drain clog. The basic process is, a rotating cable with a head on it is fed into the pipe, and lowered until it clears the clog. Often, video equipment is used to visually inspect the pipe to ensure that the clog has been fully and successfully removed.

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At a commercial property there are numerous pipe lines running through the building. This includes the kitchen, sinks in the bathrooms, any shower drains, toilet drains, and so forth. In a business, the biggest drain is by far the main sewer line from the public bathrooms.

If you’ve ever been in an older building’s bathroom and it has a musty, strong smell to it, something is slowly going wrong with the main sewer line. Either it’s clogging and backing up, or leaking in some way. This is the most important line to keep clear and clean within your business.

Our technicians here at Brewer Commercial Services are trained in cabling, and understand its most effective uses. This technique is used to clear the drain and cleanse the pipe, which helps it both flow more smoothly now and in the future. Once it’s cleared and cleansed, as long as the pipes aren’t damaged in anyway, they should be running like new.

Like we mentioned previously, cabling is often done to cleanse and clear, and then video equipment is used to inspect the pipe and make sure no debris remains in any form. Clogged or backed up sinks is one of the most common calls we get for business’ kitchens. While cabling is useful in many situations, it’s typically not the best for sinks, since they cannot be snaked from above due to the design.

However, this is why it’s best to call a team of trained professionals with the experience and knowledge when it comes to unclogging and clearing pipes. If rooting isn’t the answer, we will know what will get a job done. This is why our technicians are trained in-house, so we can keep them up to date on their techniques, so they know how to clear any drain in any business.

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