Phoenix’s Top Commercial Construction Plumbing & Repair Services Company

Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services is Phoenix, AZ’s premiere company for all kinds of commercial plumbing projects. Scale is not a problem as our professional plumbers are all highly knowledgeable and experienced with working with restaurants and other establishments that require professional plumbing, any time of the day. Brewer offers unmatched service and professional plumbers at prices that will solve your plumbing issues and maintain the profitability of your business.

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

While professional plumbers that work on residential units have the general knowledge for most plumbing issues, the professional plumbers at Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services have a fuller grasp of commercial-scale plumbing issues. What’s more is we respond to plumbing emergencies, especially after business hours, as we are aware that many businesses do not want any team working in the premises while customers are about.

Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services can handle every type of plumbing issue, from the removal of city code violations to repairing water heaters and associated plumbing, to repairing broken pumps.

We deal with every imaginable issue that could arise in your plumbing, from cracked pipes to massive leaks from behind walls, to clogging and blockages that may cause the sewer line to malfunction. Our professional plumbers will immediately take stock of the possible problems and perform a close inspection of the system, and make expert recommendations as to what can be done to immediately solve any plumbing issues.

We use the best equipment and tools for faster and more accurate detection of plumbing issues. If you need a commercial plumbing contractor in Phoenix, we can assist with backflow installation, backflow testing, ball valves, boilers, cabling inspections, confined space entry (highly specialized and dangerous if done by a non-professional), drinking fountains, faucet repairs, and flush valves.

We also do repiping, remodeling of a current plumbing system, sink repair, and so much more. Just when you thought that your commercial plumbing system wouldn’t be getting any better, comes Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services to assist your business. We have successfully worked for more than a decade with retailers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that require only the best, professional service.

The company is currently managed by Tim Snyder (President/Owner/Member). Tim spent 25 years in the computer industry before starting a commercial plumbing company. The company eventually merged with Brewer Companies. Our General Manager is Doug Rich, who began working in the plumbing industry in 1981. He has been serving in the industry for almost 30 years now, and he has been in a field management role since he has relocated to Phoenix.  

Safety is the backbone of our operations, and we believe that this occupies a central element in our continuing success. Our company culture has always been geared toward professional growth and a healthy workplace. We also have a proactive approach to keeping our employees safe, and we work hard to comply with OSHA regulations at all times.

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