Proper Toilet Care & Maintenance For a Busy Restaurant Business

We all know that running a successful restaurant business means you need to provide the essential amenities – a good eating ambiance, tables and chairs that provide comfort, proper lighting and of course, a working toilet that is consistently clean and functional.

Commercial Toilet Care

Running a restaurant is certainly challenging as it is because the focus and energy is often relegated to the kitchen, where most of the action is happening. Food has to be served hot and quickly, and flavor is important so there’s really a lot of back and forth needed in the kitchen to ensure quality control.

But let’s not forget that bathrooms are like second homes to people and people do remember when they don’t get the best experience when using a restaurant bathroom. They immediately think of the bathroom when visiting a restaurant, especially if the bathroom doesn’t work well.

How can you maintain a working toilet even if you’re busy running a restaurant? Here are our top tips:

#1, First of all – keep your toilets clean. This can be done easily by regular daily and weekly scrubbing with the appropriate cleaning materials and implements.

Scouring pads and toilet brushes are recommended for basic maintenance of surfaces. The addition of antibacterial solutions and spraying of warm water reduces surface contamination and maintains an acceptable odor level in the toilet.

A clean toilet also has a positive psychological effect on people: if they see that the toilet surfaces are clean, they are less likely to put trash and other solids in the toilet that can clog it. Modern toilets, no matter how well they are designed or built, can still clog.

#2, If surface cleaning is not feasible for any reason at all, we recommend the installation of automated solutions. Consult with us today so we can help guide you as to which automated solutions are best for your business’ toilets today.

The purpose of installing automated solutions for keeping toilet surfaces clean is we want to greatly limit the spread of bacteria or pathogens in your toilet.

Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of known pathogens being spread around in public toilets originate from fecal matter or solid human waste. The application of automated solutions reduces the chances of spreading these pathogens as surfaces are washed and sanitized automatically.

#3, Proper flushing is necessary to push out solid waste from the top part of the system toward the waste tank below. ‘Clearing’ the water above doesn’t necessarily mean that the solid waste has been pushed adequately down the lower part of the system.

To ensure that there is always sufficient force every time the toilet is flushed, check if the water tank is refilling properly and to capacity. If the tank is not filling properly, there may be a leak that is prematurely draining the water or the hose connecting the toilet to the water source may be blocked or broken.

In situations where the problem of the toilet is unclear and there are problems flushing, it would be best to book a consultation with us so our professional plumbers can take a look. Our professional commercial plumbing service is available 24 hours a day to quickly respond to plumbing emergencies after regular business hours. Call now 602.789.8858