Tips for Avoiding Drain Clogs At Your Commercial Property

Running a business is hard work. There’s immense potential, but also much more risk than simply being an employee. A lot of planning and preventative maintenance goes into keeping up on your building, processes, and machinery. Another one of those preventative measures is taking care of the plumbing in your building. Your kitchen and customer restrooms will both be directly affected by your pipes.

Clear, free-flowing plumbing makes everything run smoother at your business. Clogged drains can cause standing water or other unsanitary conditions, and can also lead to property damaging leaks. Let’s go through some tips on how to help prevent these clogs.

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When you’re starting up your business, it’s important to establish what goes down the drain and what doesn’t. These are usually referred to as plumbing drain guidelines, to be followed moving forward to help prevent clogs from forming in the first place. All greases and oils should not be put down the drain. Materials that are especially water-absorbent should be thrown away instead (bread, rice, etc).  Also, the same goes for solid waste such as metal, plastic, or wood. Lastly, any kind of adhesives that could get stuck within the drain should also be thrown away instead (paints, glues), and not rinsed down.

If you own a business with a kitchen, it’s a good idea for the bulk of the food products and supplies to be removed and discarded in the trash instead of rinsed down the sink. Food disposals are great for breaking up the big bulky pieces and keeping your drains more healthy, but if you have the choice, there’s no need to put unnecessary strain on your pipes. Make it a habit to throw away the big stuff, and then turn on and rinse down the small stuff through the disposal. Sure, you can break this rule from time to time and get away with it, but by keeping it in mind you’ll have much fewer issues to deal with in the future.

Once you’ve established drainage guidelines, it’s also a great idea to install mesh screens or drain traps before your drains see a lot of action. These can help prevent debris from building up inside of your pipes, and are easily removed and cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis. By following a regularly scheduled cleaning routine, you’ll save yourself the major headache of slow, clogged drains down the road, and more costly cleaning or removal services.

Now, even if you follow all these tips and guidelines exactly, you’re still going to run into drain challenges eventually. It’s just part of the way they work. Diagnosing and cleaning your drains once they need the help should be done by a professional, and even monthly maintenance is a good idea to schedule. Here at Brewer Commercial Services, we work with most of the top brands and companies here in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team members are trained and certified to be the premier choice in the field. We’d be happy to come out 24/7 to diagnose your drainage issues. Please give us a call now at: (602) 789-8858