Top 4 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber (And When Not To)

Possible Plumbing Emergencies 24/7

Brewer Commercial Plumbing Services is a commercial plumbing services company that deals specifically with business, factories, and industrial establishments.

Brewer’s professional plumbers are all licensed and experienced with dealing with unique plumbing systems that take care of larger establishments with multiple lines for clean, gray, and dirty water.

You can call us any time of the day for emergency repairs of your plumbing if you represent a business, factory, or any other commercial or industrial entity. However, when will you know that there is indeed a plumbing emergency and you need to call a plumber? Here are our top four reasons to do so.

#1 Flooding has occurred or is imminent.

Flooding occurs when water is introduced to a space but there aren’t enough channels to deal with the influx of water, or there shouldn’t be water there in the first place.

A flood can occur when the following conditions occurs: the sump pump encounters partial or absolute failure, a pipe has burst, the sewer line is backed up by waste, the water shut off valve is malfunctioning, etc.

If the line cannot be switched off and water is slowly easing into a space where appliances and other items can be ruined by the water, you definitely have a plumbing emergency.

#2 Solid waste/sewer line failure

When the sewer line or solid waste line is backed up, the tendency is for water and solid waste to return to its originating point, since water isn’t moving or isn’t moving enough to allow for the disposal of the dirty water.

This is an emergency because there is solid waste and other wastes involved and exposure to such wastes is a health hazard. Call a plumber immediately to remedy the problem.

#3 Clean water line failure

If you are running an establishment such as a restaurant, obviously, access to clean water is paramount. You need water for cooking and cleaning. Not having access to it can cause your operations to suffer.

Calling a professional plumber after business hours can potentially avert an entire day of backed up operation because there is no clean water to use. If on the other hand the establishment is not dependent on clean water for its day to day operations then you can call Brewer’s Commercial Plumbing Services and just schedule a repair during regular business hours.

#4 Heating or cooling system is not working

The heating or cooling system of a house commercial establishment should be checked as soon as possible especially if a lot of people come in and out of the establishment daily.

This applies to places like clinics and hospitals too, where vulnerable individuals are (pregnant women, children, the elderly). If the cooling or heating system is still partially working then that would be your chance to schedule a repair during regular business hours.

But if you sense any type of failure and/or inadequacy, you need to have that checked as soon as possible to prevent the plumbing issue from getting worse.

#5 Suspected burst pipe

A burst pipe can cause flooding and damage overnight – it would be best to call a plumber immediately to verify if a pipe has indeed burst. In this case, both clean and dirty pipes can become destructive if bursting has occurred as flooding is problematic regardless of the quality of the water.

Feel free to call Brewer’s Commercial Plumbing Services afterhours if it’s an emergency, or wait until business hours to schedule an appointment: 602.789.8858