When Is It Time For a Commercial Building Repiping?

While it is true that commercial piping jobs are often accomplished with higher grade materials and with designs that are meant for heavy use, the fact remains that piping jobs do not last forever, and there will come a time when a perfectly normal piping job a decade ago or more will suddenly require replacement, more than just repair. If you have an older structure or even building, you can expect parts of your piping structure to have already incurred damage over the years.

Building Repiping Commercial Plumbing

Through no fault of your own or anybody else’s, there may be sections of the piping structure that have been bent out shape by the chemistry of the water that passes through the pipes, or simply because the pipes have already aged. You can trust Brewer Commercial Plumbing to know how to perform a complete analysis and inspection of a building’s current piping, so a report can be made if a repiping is in order.

The big difference when working with companies like Brewer is you don’t have to worry about your building or commercial space being turned into a warzone or demolition area during the actual repiping. We are very much aware that businesses need to operate efficiently even when there is a commercial piping project underway, so our professional, licensed plumbers know how to reduce damage to surrounding flooring to a minimum.

We also work after business hours, because this is a standard practice when you are doing repairs or repiping in a commercial space. Repiping can take several days or a week (or more) depending on the scale of the project.

After actual inspection, Brewer will be able to provide you a full quotation of the cost of repiping as well as a projected timetable so you will know how long the repairs are going to take. As a business owner, advanced knowledge of repair work schedules is essential if you don’t want your business to be disrupted.

A repiping is generally recommended when there has already been continuous damage to surrounding areas due to blockages and broken pipes, and the current piping system no longer satisfies the needs of the commercial space in question.

There are also instances when the current piping is defective to begin with and repairs are going to be more expensive in the long term instead of just correcting the design flaws of the plumbing in question. Starting off with a fresh set of pipes in the right places and with the right architecture that corresponds to city construction codes is always a better choice than putting up with bad plumbing from an old installation.

As for the damage to walls or floorboards, don’t worry as our plumbers will only remove the necessary amount of material to be able to install all the new pipes, and any holes or openings incurred during the actual repair work will be closed off immediately after the proper installation of pipes and other plumbing materials.

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