Why It’s Important To Call & Schedule Your Plumbing Repair Job Today

Here at Brewer Commercial Services, we strongly consider monthly maintenance one of the easiest ways to ensure your pipes are clear and functioning correctly. Typically, that means repairing current problems and getting everything within your system up to speed. It’s like keeping an organized home. When it’s messy, you have to start somewhere and being the process. The same goes for the pipes in your business’ building. If you’re already having issues, now’s the time to give us a call. Let’s get into why this is important, and how you can end up saving by calling today.

Our Plumbing Team

First off, pipes get worse over time. There’s no other way to say it. If you’re seeing leaks, you need to get us out there to take a look. The damage that ends up happening from stagnant water can end up costing you thousands. It’s important to nip a repair job in the bud before it blossoms into an even bigger headache. Even if you’re not seeing issues right now, if it’s been a couple of years, we’d be happy to come out and do an inspection. There’s many preventative steps that can be taken to help keep your pipes clear, cleaned, and in tip top shape.

Next, the price of a repair goes up the longer you wait. The worse it gets, the more it’s going to cost for the time and parts. The faster you can get a small problem solved, there’s an extremely low chance of something major happening in the future. This is why nearly all of our major clients have us come out monthly. We can find pipes that are leaking, valves that are going bad, and work to clear any drains that are already having small issues. What does this mean for you? A professional experience whenever a customer uses your facilities, and an easy to use kitchen for your customers to work in.

Thirdly, by calling to schedule an appointment today, you’re helping your business avoid major repair bills, as well as missed opportunity costs. What does that mean? Well, if something major happens, and you have to close down your store for a few days, think of all the missed profits that are happening because of that unfortunate circumstance. That’s hundreds, if not thousands of dollars your company would be missing out on, simply because you let plumbing issues get out of hand. This is another important reason to give us a call today, so we can begin repairing your pipes and servicing your business fast.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by calling (602) 789-8858. You can also use the Contact Us form to request a callback. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible, and begin to assess your current situation. From there we’ll come out to inspect your pipes, valves, and anything you may be having issues with already. We’ll make repairs and then plan on seeing you monthly for preventative maintenance. Like anything that’s worth doing it’s worth doing right. Give us a call now.