Drinking Fountain Installation

Basic Steps to Installing a Drinking Fountain

There are several basic steps to installing a drinking fountain. First, ensure that the drinking fountain’s panel is secure on the wall or floor. If the unit has brackets, make sure they have holes for screws and bolts. Next, you’ll want to install the pump and water filter. A water softener or a filter will protect your fountain from minerals and limescale. Having these components installed will ensure that the water flowing from your fountain is always cold and fresh.

After selecting the model and choosing the installation location, you’ll need to check the availability of fittings for the fountain’s design. For example, if you’re installing a wall-mounted drinking fountain, you’ll need to check your inventory to make sure it has all of the fittings and applications you’ll need. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’ll need to mark the area for the fountain. Then, you’ll need to consider where to mount the drinking fountain. If the model you’ve chosen is free-standing, you’ll need to install a bracket.

Before you begin installing your drinking fountain, you’ll need to consider where it’ll go. It’s important to choose a location that’s near an existing water supply. For wall-mounted drinking fountains, you’ll need to mark the location, since you’ll need to install a solid support. If you’re installing a free-standing drinking fountain, you’ll need to find the fittings and applications you need.

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