Drinking Fountain Repair Tips

Drinking fountain repair is a common problem that many home and office owners have to deal with. A broken drinking fountain can result in wasted money and time, but with some simple maintenance, you can keep your drinking fountain in good shape. Here are some tips to keep your water cooler running smoothly. Replace filters as often as necessary. Clean the unit inside and out to increase its longevity. Most water fountains have filters that can be changed easily and cost little.

Regular maintenance is essential for drinking fountains. The bubbler and protective guard must be cleaned daily, and the bubbler should be disinfected regularly. Scheduled service is also essential, with professional cleaning recommended every six months. Contacting a drinking fountain repair technician will ensure that your fountain is running at full capacity, and is defect-free and safe. If you have any concerns, consult a professional. By hiring a drinking fountain repair specialist, you can be confident that your water fountain will be up to code and will continue to provide you with the quality and quantity of water you’ve come to expect from it.

Inspect the fountain regularly. You should clean the protective guard and mouthpiece regularly. Loose fittings or connections could cause contamination. Always hire a professional to install your drinking fountain, and do periodic checks to make sure everything is working properly. A specialized drinking fountain repair technician will ensure that your water fountain runs at full capacity and remains defect-free. Inspect your water fountains as needed. If you’re not sure what needs to be replaced, consult with a reputable company.

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